Summer Break!

Hello Everyone! As some of you may be aware, it is the start of summer where I live and that means I have two little monsters in the guise of kids around me for pretty much the whole time I am awake. Added to that, I have my in-laws scheduled to be here in a … Continue reading Summer Break!


Chapter 23 – Conviction In Her Countenance

  Khushi plunged her hands into the pungent compost and soil mixture and worked it, breaking all the lumps, mixing in the organic fertilizer, spreading it evenly. Her hands worked automatically, her mind, completely absent from the current scene. That intangible thing dwelled on the words she had unwittingly heard around the same time last … Continue reading Chapter 23 – Conviction In Her Countenance


Yikes! Another note...but what to do guys, long weekend and at a remote cabin in the middle of a forest with extended family including a whole bunch of boisterous(to say the least) kids. The environment is unfortunately exactly not conducive for writing 😦 . I shall have something up by next Sunday, I promise. Lots … Continue reading Note

Am Back!!

Hello, my dearies! I just wanted to drop in a note and say that I am back(actually, I've been back for a week) and am working on the update. I hope to have it out by this weekend(or early next week by the latest). Also, dropping in a hint about the chapter, the name is … Continue reading Am Back!!